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Prepare to be captivated by S. Lee Holland's The Guardians, a mesmerizing blend of supernatural elements, gripping suspense, and heartfelt emotion that will leave you yearning for more.

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The Guardians is...

"...a captivating reminder that faith in God can save us from the evil forces of the world. Its biblical messages and inspiring characters, who remember to pray in the most trying times, will bring the reader closer to God. Young adults who enjoy Christian fantasy will love S. Lee Holland's book. You won't want it to end."

Foluso Falaye

Readers' Favorite Review
"...a page-turner, masterfully blending supernatural elements with relatable themes. Holland's skillful storytelling keeps readers spellbound from the start, touching upon experiences of suspense, romance, and spiritual growth through a great selection of characters. Enthusiasts of young adult fiction will find themselves invested in Cassie's journey."

Parul Sood

Readers' Favorite Review
"...a simply beautifully intriguing cover that piqued my interest the moment I first saw it. This story sets itself apart from most Christian fantasies right from the start with the inclusion of bad language, violent behavior, drugs, and sex, yet the author did an amazing job of using these elements to highlight the need for caution."

Sefina Hawke

Readers' Favorite Review

Witness the power of faith, scripture knowledge, and teamwork as a group of young Christians face the forces of evil in this epic novel.

Discover the power of faith, knowledge, and unity against the forces of darkness. Join a group of young Christians on an extraordinary journey as they confront evil, relying on their unwavering beliefs and unbreakable bonds. Through trials and mysteries, witness their remarkable unity and discover the strength within. Prepare for a captivating story of action, suspense, and inspiration that reminds us of the incredible power when we stand together against adversity.

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About the author

A devoted writer and follower of God, S. Lee Holland pours her passion for storytelling into her writing. Through her work, Holland aims to share the joy she finds in literature and hopes to inspire readers with her heartfelt exploration of spirituality and self-discovery. Holland's debut novel, The Guardians, is a testament to her commitment to storytelling and her desire to touch the hearts and minds of others through her writing.

Portrait of S. Lee Holland

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